In contact with approach, not told to contact tower.

Hello and good day! I was NOT ghosted by ATC, though still confused on how this should go. I was in contact with approach and was not told to contact tower yet, though tower said I was in an active airspace. What should I do or, at this point it was ten minutes ago, what should I do next time? Thanks.

Remember that the Approach and Tower aren’t the same people. They can’t see your messages, and you should have included a picture of the map and well of your position. They probably thought you were too close to the airport for approach frequency, and needed to tune into Tower.

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This is no longer true, frequencies are now able to see each other’s backlogs. If this happened on expert this is an issue with a lack of communication between the 2 controllers in the slack channel. The best thing to do is to send a private message to your controller asking them what happened.


Are we sure this was even on expert and not on training?


I’m on expert:image

Yes, thank you, I think I can tell. I asked for what I should have done?

I’m sure someone above my pay grade would be interested in seeing the replay. Something seems off since you were at 15k ft and it doesn’t look like you were aligned with a runway

This might happen if tower doesn‘t realize approach is active.

If you feel you should have been given instructions to change frequency, just request a frequency change from the approach controller. This will show whether they’re deliberately holding you on their frequency or if they simply forgot to give you a freq. Change

There was a mis communication between tower and approach. You should stay with approach until he tells you to switch to tower. It’s unfortunate, but you should ignore the call on guard.


He did. You can see in the log that immediately after he received the on guard, the OP requested a frequency change.

I was thinking trying again, but hey. He might get ghosted for spamming them, knowing the controllers

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if you are on approach and being actively vectored, just ignore the call from tower. Requesting frequency change is not recommended. It should be sorted out between approach and tower.

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Yep… Forgot about that… But still they can’t view it whilst your tuned into a different frequency.

As mentioned by others, the way to do it is wait until the Approach tells you to contact tower, because these controllers are fully trained IFATC, however I don’t blame you at all for requesting a frequency change, since I’ve been in this situation loads.

Looking at the sequence a bit closer, I see it was 6mins between the vector to 6000, and the on guard call by tower. It’s possible approach had issues and was no longer there. What I would do is click on the airport in the map and see if approach is still active. If not, I’d switch to tower, if approach is still showing stay with approach.

You have tools to help you determine the best course of action. I would try to use whatever tools are at your disposal before switching away from an active frequency.


I was most probably your Controller,as Gary said you were on guarded for being sequenced since approach left at the time. I wanted all the closer ones on my Frequency for sequencing and getting them in.

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