In-cockpit swaying not comfortable

Hi, I think its been almost a year for me playing IF now but only after the recent updates that things are beginning to get weird. I’m reporting to this support category regarding the instrument and captain’s view, in-cockpit motion, swaying left right up down while we’re trying to fix our eyes both on the new live panels and out the cockpit windscreen, both are in motion yet our phones don’t have the capability to tell our body which way to feel.

It almost induces nausea and I had to look away sometimes, this despite me having only one to four short flights per-day mostly. Personally I don’t think it is a bad addition but it was never requested in any feature requests (cmiiw) - could it be optionally turned off or made subtler?

In regards to the motion of our eyes fixing on screen, I think the previous in-cockpit dynamics before this addition has been much better and realistic enough and volatile enough during approach - irl pilots don’t see their cockpit panels running about their F.O.V to such dispositions don’t they? I know because I’ve been a pilot myself and my cockpit don’t “change shape” or even cause my eyes to chase it left and right even when the weather seems to hate me.

In IF, I have no problems even with acrobatic motion out the window, but even on slight adjustments when I am just on instrument view or captain view feels like an uneeded extra game of “chase the MFD/PFDs”, so to speak - thus, almost nauseatic, if not distrupting immersivity - felt like its being choreographed and not real.

Keep in mind that I do think that your new in-cockpit swaying idea is cool though, just hoped there’s an option to de-activate it (or make it subtler almost unnoticeable like irl).

As a side note, the taxiing/take-off shake is great! And I won’t even mind any in-cockpit movements during turbulence, just that not constantly moving about very much during cruise.

Hope you could look into the above issue (I’m actually begging you to look into this lol - I love this sim!) to consider the plus and minuses, thanking you the whole Infinite Flight team for all your great work, have a great lovely week and cheers!


I’m pretty sure your talking about the shaky camera in the cockpit view, it was reintroduced with 19.2 and moves when you change your G-Force not the movie, try flying in the F/A 18 and pull up very hard and you will see the camera move. I hope this helps you.

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