In-Built Fuel Planner and N1 Limiter

Hello everyone. Hope everyone is doing well. So I fly long haul and short haul quite often and the problem i face after filing a flight plan is deciding the amount of fuel to be loaded on the flight. I do get a loadsheet if i use a third party app or a website to make the flight plan btherwise i have to predict it on my own. Wouldn’t it be a little helpful if IF could predict the amount of fuel needed based on the plan filed and the aircraft being used?
Also what do you all think about N1 limiter? It would bring a little realism according to me.
Since i cannot draw up a vote here, as of now, I would like to hear everyone’s opinion regarding these topics.

Vote for it here, I would love to see it as well:

Also for fuel, simbrief and FPLtoIF are your best bets.


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