In Australia with the A320

So for today’s flight I started off at the far west of Australia and I was heading towards the beautiful city of Sydney. It was a smooth flight with only very little turbulence. I didn’t get any photos during cruise cause I was over water most of the time.

Aircraft: Airbus A320/ Jetstar Livery

Route: YPPH -----> YSSY

Time: 4 hours

Sever: Expert

So to start off I got a shot of the A320 with the sun. There was a Aer lingus A350 on the very left. After filing my flight plan and boarding the passenger, I taxied to the runway. Also had a Air new Zealand DC-10 right behind me

With a small struggle during takeoff due to strong winds, I was finally able to get in the air. There was a few aircraft still parked. Looks nice.

So after a few hours I Started my descent into sidney kingsford. After clearance from approach, I was on final for the runway. There was so much traffic while I was landing and I took a picture of the traffic during landing.

So yeah this concluded my flight. I wanted to taxi to parking and get shots there, but I was accidentally ghosted by atc but it was no biggie :)


Nice photos there, @ViperSlam, sure does look busy!

Great job not freaking out, something (even I) used to do. I commend you for that.


Nice pics! Looks like a fun flight, lots of traffic too!


Come on, what did you do?


Oh you just missed me:(


It was from taxiing without permission but it was a mistake. It was for someone else

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Aw man. Where were you? Were you in a A350?


No but I was three planes before the ET 350

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I know. I was a little worried but not that much :)

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Im sorry I missed you. But I’m glad I saw u during my landing :)