In appreciation of The Nimrod

It’s always perplexed me that the term ‘Nimrod’ has negative connotations on this forum. The aircraft was very much part of the backing track to my childhood as it occasionally operated out of RAF Stornoway and would often be seen heading out to the Atlantic assisting SAR teams.

Latterly it had a checkered history with the tragic accident in Afghanistan leading to the remaining fleet being retired. Unfortunately the planned MRA4 never came into production due to cost overruns and eventual defence budget cuts.

I’ll finish off with Elgar’s ninth Enigma Variation which is a suitable piece of music for what was a magnificent piece of machinery.


I thought it was “peanuts” 😂

Love this beast of an aircraft!

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It is now. Never used to be.

@Maxmustang has managed to turn the tide with the Peanut term, and I for one thank him for it 😊

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