In-app tutorial upon joining

Dear Community members,

I would like to propose an idea of tutorial when you just join the game. As it is now, there is a tutorials section which will redirect you to the forum or YouTube channel. This is great, however, some pilot tend to ignore it and just fly as they want without proper knowledge or just don’t see it.

So the idea is that when you download the game and before you can make your first flight, there will be an interactive tutorial like the one you can see in X-Plane game for iOS (I guess Android as well). Some areas of the screen will be highlighted, starting with flaps, for example. While others at the same time will be not accessible. It will be shown with help messages. Like “This is throttle. Slide the trigger up in order to increase power. Keep in mind that any value above 100% N1 will damage your engine” and so on. Some basic ATC instructions will be explained as well, such as what “remaining in the pattern” means etc.

This tutorial may be skipped if the user wants (for example, if the app was re-downloaded) or accessed again from the menu somewhere.

It may also be made as a test flight with an instructor with voice or text commands from him. When the message is displayed, the game pauses so that the user can adjust the setting of an aircraft. It may be done in a commercial airlines (ERJ-700) so that maximum amount of features will be shown.

This feature, hopefully, will help to increase the realism of the game so you will see people taking off from the gate more rare.

This is an example of what X-Plane first tutorial looks like. As you can see, all other functions such as throttle are disabled.

Hope you will like it and if you do, go ahead and click a button in the top left corner:)


I believe we used to have this

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We certainly did, it put you in a C172 and someone doing a voiceover. None of that is there anymore. Curious as to why it was removed, I didn’t see anything wrong with it.


Fair enought:) I’ve joined only in 2015 so haven’t seen early verions of the game.

That’s why I’m suggesting it:)

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So many of you never had the chance to land the shuttle? I’m truly saddened by this :(


Cough Cough… Add the Spaceshuttle back in, with the Concord, and A350…


I would love to see this added back in as even though some may not pay attention or care much, many will take this as a huge step to learning how to fly on Infinite Flight.


I get to see YouTube vids thankfully. ☹️

I Mean, I guess you could go onto the YouTube channel and watch the tutorials. I came when there was a tutorial but no spaceshuttle. 😒

Yes, you definitely can go onto YouTube and check all videos. However, not all pilots are trustworthy, therefore, I would suggest such tutorial which will at least bring their attention:)

Ps anyone has a saved ipa file with space shuttle?😂

Oh the Shuttle 😍 The was one beautiful bird to land

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When FDS released the update that remived it (cant remember which update it was) I was so upset (mentally). That SS was a difficult but fun thing to land