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I tried looking this up, I found many posts regarding this but not any directly related topic. If any of you do, please do feel free to close this.

We all know the issue of nimrods on Live, people who have at least the basic knowledge of the proper procedures for a realistic flying experience but purposely choose to not follow them for whatever reason. But we are forgetting that obviously not all people who use IF are on these forums where there are these awesome tutorials, so they may not be entirely aware of the correct ways of doing things like ATC communications, realistic flying procedures, rules and restrictions etc.

How many times do we hear ATC command some pilots to ‘Check help pages regarding ATC instructions’ and some of these pilots have no clue where those help pages are.

What I’m suggesting is that, on the home screen, when people press ‘Fly Online’ or ‘Air Traffic Control’, on the airport arrival and ATC information screen, that there be a button somewhere labelled as ‘Help Pages/Tutorials’ which would have some of the tutorial topics from these forums embedded directly into the app like how the events section is embedded into the home screen of the app. There could even be links to the Youtube channel where there are tutorial videos for pilots and for ATC. Also, ‘Fly Online’ would have tutorials specifically for pilots and ‘Air Traffic Control’ would have tutorials specifically for Controllers. There should at least be a section of links which would open a safari webpage to the tutorial section in these forums.

This in my opinion would not only result in more responsible pilots, but open doors for FDS to impose stricter boundaries for violations, because at this stage, there is no excuse for the pilots to say that they weren’t aware of the standards and professionalism expected from them. Might also help correct some of the common flying mistakes pilots make in the training servers.

Edit: Thank you @Patrick_U for letting me know that this already exists, although I still think this can be implemented in a better way in the app so it’s more visible.


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Not sure how they can’t put it into to the pilot and ATC messages though…

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I do think it should be more noticeable.



I think Laura or Philippe made a poll months ago asking which features should be a priority. Tutorials/in-app help wasn’t very high compared to some of the others (I don’t remember exactly what they were).


Probably global or A350

Nah, just link to them atleast.

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