in-app purchases with Google Family

My son plays this app, he’s 6 years old. It’s crazy-advanced for his age but he loves it regardless. He is obsessed with Air Force One and I bought it for him on his old Google account. Google just released the Google Family functionality and I had to set up a new Google account for him to make it work. With Google Family, purchased apps can be shared with family members. The Infinite Flight app shared fine but his prized Air Force One did not transfer. Would I be able to move this in-game purchase to his new google account? I have receipts and would be happy to post them in a PM to staff once I can actually send a PM. Thanks in advance.

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Could he not just use the same live account as you? That is the only way that it will transfer over - sorry
EDIT: to better explain, you may have purchased through your family - android account but your live account is different. You must log in via the same method e.g. Facebook or google and then it should transfer over


You should contact google support of google play support. They might have the answer for you. FDS isn’t affiliated with google which means they probably don’t know if it would work or not .Good luck!

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Login game with same account of the one with you purchased air force one and try to restore purchases

Yes, I believe it should with restore purchases. But It will not transfer through the cloud on apple so if it doesn’t I wouldn’t be surprised. Sorry go luck.

Make a live account or log into it on both devices. Should work 😉

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