In App Purchases Unavailable

2 weeks ago i bought all planes i decided to reinstall the app cuz of lags and now when i want to install them it says In App Purchases Unavailable
What to do ?


My device is android

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Try restoring purchases or installing the app again.


How 2 restore them?

It’s just to the right of the back button, in the bottom left hand corner of the aircraft selection menu.

Without more specific details I can’t be sure but this sounds like in app purchases are disabled by the account holder. That’s the most likely cause for that type of error.
If you,provide more detailed information that includes the following, I could help you better.

Device make and model
Operating System version (i.e. iOS 9.3.5 or Android 5.1)
Note any modifications to the device or third party apps.
Where was the app with the error downloaded from?
Have you tried to restart device power?

Screen shots of specific examples or error messages are welcome.

Thanks :)


Fixed by itself lol

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