In app purchases only work with wifi

Whenever I’m on a trip somewhere and I want to play some infinite flight, but there’s no wifi my in app purchases won’t let me use planes

No I’ve bought it at home with wifi and I went on a trip and and I couldn’t fly the planes because there wasn’t any wifi

I have the same situation. Likely not a bug.

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I think you may be referring to the fact that you can’t log in to your Live account, therefore your purchases don’t take effect, right?

I don’t have a live account

I think you should explain in more detail the problem you have

What he means is this: He buys his planes using wifi. But, whenever he is trying to use the planes he bought without wifi, it shows that he can’t use them. Maybe I got it right.

@ItsPerses if what you are saying is correct, I must say let it load until it’s 100% downloaded and you can not play live with out wifi it’s only solo mode which you can play without WIFI and if the planes don’t load up, then for sure its a bug. :)

1, If you are saying you can’t make purchase over 3G/4G, that’s Apple thing. You might able to make purchase but it won’t download until you connect to Wifi.
2. If you are not able to connect to IF Live over 3G/4G make sure you given permission to use mobile data to the app. In Apple devices go to Settings-Mobile data scroll down and make sure the app selected to use Mobile Data. Hope this help, if is something else just explain little bit more.

Yes you are right

Well I’m using an iPad without 3G/4G and when o downloaded it it did load to 100 percent

@Sowhat215 did you read mine ?

ok so yes I have the same problem but only with planes I got from buying live+. I cant fly those because I am not able to sign into live?

Yea (filler)

Okay :) filler

Same situation here. I got the B777-200ER and the A330-300. I usually avoid using WiFi when I don’t need it so now I have to connect to WiFi to use those planes. And when I move to India the coming March I won’t be able to use my paid planes without using some of my dad’s 3G prepaid internet. So I deleted and reinstalled the app and Vóila! It is solved!