In app purchases on different devices

I bought a bunch of planes and regions on my iphone 6 (9.3.3) and I signed into the same itunes account on my iphone 4 (7.2.1). My in-app purchases did not transfer and I am wondering what I should do.

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Are the infinite flight versions the same across both devices? Also make sure your signed into both accounts (Gmail Facebook) in both apps. Devices software shouldn’t matter to much unless it’s prehistoric, but game version does.

If they are tap restore purchases.

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They are both on the same IF version. And it would not let me sign into the Gmail account because I pressed the sign in button when you click on “FLY ONLINE” and it said that my device couldnt handle Live

If he logged in with his/her same Google/iOS account, he/she shouldn´t have to buy everything again. I hope so, because I´ll buy an S7 soon and I don´t want to pay everything again.

Could you elaborate? A screenshot would be awesome. If it doesn’t work you can try a full reinstallment

I can tell you it will transfer. I had a Galaxy S4 and just got an S7 and everything is here

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It said:

“Unfortunately, your device is not supported for Infinite Flight Live at this time.”

What software version is your iPhone 6?
And are the infinite flight versions the same?

Both of them are at 16.02.0 which is up to date

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IF needs a minimum of iOS 7.0.0 so it should be working for you.

@david could you assist with this one. :)

Sorry I can’t help you buddy.

Haha its all good. Thanks

That means the iPhone 4 cannot use Live, sorry. Nothing we can do. :(

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