In app purchases gone?

I downloaded the game and I thougt it was so Good so I bought the A320 and then later the 747-8 and nyc map. But at first I could fly the a320 flawlessly but when I bought the 747-8 I could no longer fly the a320. I would buy the A319 and the A318 if it this “bugg” didn’t exist. Please can someone help me how to get them back. Even NY map doesn’t work.

Try clicking the restore purchases button. If that doesn’t work and your on an apple device then buy the a320 again and Apple will recognize that you’ve already bought the item and give it to you for free.

I have a similar problem, I tried to buy the A320, but it wanted me to renew my credit information. So about a week later I did. I then checked my credit info and there was a purchase, but it won’t let me buy the a320 for free. Hard to explain.

iTunes will still appear to ask you to repurchase an IAP even when it’s already been purchased in the past and not ever refunded. Just accept the purchase and the very next message from iTunes will appear to inform you that you already bought the item and can download again for free.

As long as the exact same Apple ID is used, no refunds were issued, they can’t charge you again for the same thing.

This is just a very strange quirk with iTunes.