In app purchases ain't working on my IPad

For God sake when I came to my iPad today i bought an 5 dollars gift card and redeemed it to purchase a 787 since I love Saudia airlines then when I entered IF it doesn’t work and says “in app purchases not available .please check your internet connection settings or try again” I tried Reinstalling, WiFi on 5 ghz or 2.4, tried restarting, tried looking in other topics and nothing happens, Info bout my device: iPad Mini, iOS 9.3.5 Used since 2015. Player since infinite flight still didn’t have 747 and the logo was more realistic. Please I need answers!!!


What is the Infinite Flight version you have installed?

Just a heads up, Infinite Flight switched to a subscription based service back in 2017.

I guess 19.02.01? I don’t have the latest but I have the 9.3 iOS compatible version

Okay, thanks for that info. It sounds like you have the original iPad Mini which doesn’t support the latest updates since 2017. You have what we call “pre-global” version installed.

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Yep. It’s The original mini not mini 2 or something

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We suspected that by your answers so far. Here’s a topic that covers devices compatible with the current Infinite Flight builds.

Unfortunately your device won’t allow you to download the latest updates which is apart of subscription based service which gives you access to the live servers and all aircraft.

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Wait… So I can’t buy the 787!!! Oh no my heart is pounding I just bought 5 dollars online and I am not using the iPad daily.just for infinite flight. So the 5 dollars are useless? Or is there a solution? Because I bought the 737 like 1 yr ago and went fine

With the release of 18.2 came this statement from the developers of Infinite Flight:

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Ooh. Well I one question. Can I purchase the subscription or not cause I have a old version?

If you need proof…

That’s when i try to login the online version. I connected to my internet in both 5G and 2.4 ghz

This is also part of being on a legacy version since all the online services have been upgraded to global. I had the same problem with my original mini when global came out. I ended needing a new IPad for different reasons too, but unfortunately that’s the only way to fix this as rough as that is…

Sorry mate, I know it sucks… 🤷🏻‍♂️

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Thanks for telling me. :) Well sure I think my iPad will become my brothers xD. Thanks for helping me guys