In-App purchase

Can you help me im trying to buy a plane but it keeps saying Purchase unavailable 3:billing unavailable i have a LG phone please help.

Okay, try restarting your device. If that doesn’t work, make sure you are connected to Internet. If that doesn’t work, then contact the support team at IF

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This is common.

“Purchase unavailable 3:billing unavailable” means you bought something and it didn’t go thru. This happens alot with Credit Cards. You will have to pay off that fee in order to buy something else. This goes for Free Purchases too…

So im saying, buy a Mobile Card, and pay off that fee and then you can start buying what ever you want from the Infinite Flight Store!

Happy buying!

But im using a google play gift card.

Make sure you are connected to the Internet.

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I am i just checked.

Okay, so you are connected to the Internet?

Yeah, reedom that card and pay off the purchase…

This happened to me on IOS…

Maybe @Carson can help you restore your purchase

Yes i checked and im connected

Okay, restart IF and your device.

Use this link and make sure your billing information is valid:)


And i cant buy any planes i bought some before long ago but i just got this gift card and i went to buy a plane and thats when it said billing unavailable.

Go to settings and update your billing info. It worked for me

Ok i will try to see if that helps.

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Nope it didnt help.

Maybe when you get a chance tho to update all Lg phones for app in purchase.

Possibly it might help im not 100% sure but you can try

Sorry bud.

Theirs only one solution.

Send a email to Google about your purchase and issue. They should help you get a full refund. you might also want to have some proof or google won’t believe you

Hope you get your refund back 🙂🙂🙂

No you dont understand i have planes that i bought long ago but i have a gift card and i want to buy more on the card i just got.i havent got to use the gift card when i got it last night

Okay so you need help putting the card on to google play?