In-app purchase removed

I purchase several aircraft models a few years ago before the subscription scheme was changed. I reinstalled the app today only to discover that my in-app purchases were removed and I am required to subscribe to the pro version. What I can do?

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Hit ‘restore purchases’ ⭐️


it doesn’t work…

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Are you logged in with the same account you purchased them with?

Yes, I am!!

Ok calm down, can you send us a screenshot of what you are seeing when you try and restore purchases?

Are you on iOS or Android?

It’s an iOS device.

So you’re 100% sure you’re signed in with the same Apple-ID as you’ve always been and that it’s the same as when you purchased the items?

This system is usually bulletproof and i have yet to see one single case where it doesn’t work. This based on tens of thousands support tickets I’ve done over the years.

Quire sure as I singed in using my FB account.

That’s not relevant. Your Apple-ID used in App Store is what matters.

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still, i always use the same Apple ID…

Successfully restored!

What was the problem? :)

I don’t know lol
I used the app a few hours later and my purchase was back

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