In app purchase of regions and planes

The global subscription is expensive and can difficult for some folks to afford, especially when they don’t have much time to use the sim.

For those who can’t get global, why not offer users one time in app purchases (IAPs) of regions and planes that they fly all the time?

We could stream the scenery for those regions in single player mode like we do currently for regions purchased pre-global.

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I somehow don’t agree, I hate games with so many in-app purchases, and Infinite Flight is very simple, there is only one subscription which gives you access to everything.
However, the point you made here is definitely valid, and maybe IF will take that into account


I know that IAPs were a thing in the past. I think that the main reason that went away is because of a higher revenue stream due to the subscriptions. Although it would be nice for those who can’t afford a full subscription to have a more diverse, not the entire roster, but a selection of planes available.

I unfortunately don’t see this happening.


I agree with @ColtonS


as @Ahmed1 said micro transactions are not great. As a gamer both ps4 and xbox it can get addictive when you have your wallet and press buy buy etc. its really not healthy. I get your point but devs are human beings also they need to attend to their own bills, mortgages, tax etc plus family, kids food etc etc.

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I think the ability to purchase aircraft would be neat, but the problem with IAPs, is that a single plane costs as much as 14 days of a monthly Pro subscription, you are better off just going month to month, and not renewing when you don’t have time to fly

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I agree with you, I rather have one simple payment, however, it’s a good thing for IF that they said they will not raise the prices when clouds and building’s arrive. The current monthly prices is way to high for what we get now, when clouds and buildings come, THEN it would be worth it.

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