In-App page for superlatives achieved in each aircraft

To me, This is an awesome idea. It will record all parameters and compare them with the highest (or lowest in some cases) values achieved on that airplane. Some parameter recordings will be disabled on Live to discourage violations.

The parameters I want in the recorded list are:

Disabled on Live:

  1. Highest air speed
  2. Highest ground speed while flying
  3. Quickest 180 Degree turn (pulling up so that you fly upside down and achieve 180 degrees U-turn in 1 second does not count)
  4. Highest Altitude MSL
  5. Highest Altitude AGL
  6. Tightest 180 Degree turn. Tightest means that the turn took the least distance. (pulling up so that you fly upside down and achieve 180 degrees in less than 500 metres does not count)
  7. Lowest air speed without stalling
  8. Lowest ground speed while flying without stalling

Recorded on Live and Solo:

  1. Shortest takeoff by distance
  2. Shortest takeoff by time
  3. Shortest landing by distance
  4. Shortest landing by time
  5. Softest landing (VS)

This sounds cool, but it would move away from the ‘simulator’ vibe IF has and make into more of a flying competition game.


IMHO this doesn’t add any realism or enhance the IF experience. Smooth landings, responsible/respectful flying and the ability to produce an enjoyable experience for all would probably be negatively impacted by those in fighter jets trying to create a 21st century Top Gun movie. Are these stats recording anywhere IRL? What value would this add to the IFC?


@RedBulbBlueBlood9911… Profile: “I do not have Live or Live +” sez it all.
Thanks for your gamer suggestion. No thanks! Max


Interesting, I’m sure IFused to have achievements or what not. Like if you got to 100kft it would say “high flyer” or something

Might as well include most ghostings and violations in a certain aircraft

That would be 50 % Not True if we could not see other users’ records.

When did I say that the ‘speed’ and ‘altitude’ parameters would be recorded on Live? If they are not recorded, the consequences of unruly flying on Live are not higher ‘Maximum Speed achieved’ records, but Violations and Ghosting. Also, Half of this is meant to help Users get better at Landings, and the other half is meant for users to have Fun sometimes, and push their limits, on solo only.

Bro, a major factor impacting the air speed is the actual mass of the aircraft. When you add the “depleting fuel” feature into it. The mass constantly changes and thus someone flying on a full tank will need to go at a different speed from someone on an empty tank. So, ignoring all the comments about the issues it may have on live and the “simulator” aspect. Have a look at some issues found in the feature itself, disregarding how it may impact other features. Implementing this into the game won’t make the game any better. Who’s to justify the specifics of each achievement? Also, it seems like if it is ever implemented, many issues will follow. I disapprove on this one, sorry mate.

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Again, respond accordingly to my respective response to your request. Re-read and tell me where I said anything about speed and altitude specifically. Hop on the casual server or take a look at the “who can fly over 2,000 kts” topic that was on fire a few weeks ago. I gave you my honest opinion and simply stated that your request doesn’t offer much for the community. Regards, Chris Levet

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Well, to me, this part implies that you are talking regarding speed and altitude. What else does this imply?

The premise behind this example was to point out that the irresponsible hot shots on IF will be buzzing around the Training & Casual Servers with no regard to the users that actually fly with purpose, diligence and intergrity. I’m not here to criticize your original intentions rather giving some insight into the by-products of ideas and features.


To the OP, I would also like to add the following:
You’ve joined a community in which members from all walks of life and regions of the earth collaborate and share some of the best opinions, suggestions, sarcasm, empathy and support so embrace it, learn from it and grow. Hopefully, we will see your profile details change from (no Live or Live +) to a contributing subscribing member. Respectfully, Chris


If most of the parameters are not recorded on Live, who would act as if he knew everything, and was going to defy the rules (excluding some “I will ruin the moods of around 20 people, and no one will stop me” type people)? Also, The FDS could make a system to flag pilots, give a reason (e.g. The Offender is blocking the runway on which I should take-off, or: The Offender is flying across approach paths at cruising speeds, and I almost crashed into him) (the reporter’s plane should be in autopilot and the plane should not be landing, or in take-off, when the complaint is being done), and then some senior member will check if it is justified reporting (by checking recordings of all aircraft pilots, callsigns, position and parameters) and then only Ghost the pilot, even on TS1.

Unfortunately your request has some shortfalls; a lack of support so far and the fact that your presence on the live servers is non-existent. Not sure why you don’t fly on the servers and I really don’t want to delve into your reasoning or situation but time will tell. FDS is pretty busy with their current and future projects with prioritization in mind and your request would deplete most if not all of their resources. J/S

It would probably be abused, reports would take time to confirm whether it was false or true. Ghosting the pilot on TS1? Even at LAX TS1 I’ve only seen maybe 2 people block the runway.

Well, the FDS Team could work on it when they can without losing too much resources, or just make this feature usable on solo only, to avoid someone ruining the Live experience. I am not on Live due to my lack of free time, lack of a fast device and lack of fast internet (though I might get all three if I learn to manage time, and get an iPad Air 2 or later, and the third one is in my dad’s hands)

To avoid the ‘report pilots’ tool, the FDS could just disable the entire feature on Live, but make it usable on Solo.