In-App Landing Vertical Speed feature

Me, and I assume along with most members of the IFC, always strive to land our planes as smoothly as possible. However, to check how successful you were, you need to go into replay mode and estimate how good your landing was based on visuals only. That is why I am proposing to add an in-app feature where you can see what your landing vertical speed was! This way, people like me who always want the smoothest landing possible can see if your landing was actually as good as you thought! We do have third party apps to check the V/S, like IF Operations, and while those apps are good, it would be much more convenient to be able to see what your V/S was in the sim itself.

If you want to see how buttery/greasy your landing was conveniently, consider leaving a vote!

There’s already a feature for this.

Ok, I see that the old one is from 2018, so it might be a bit outdated. If the mods decide to keep up my topic, I would really appreciate that, but if they decide to close it, I understand as well :)

I don’t think this is necessary as if you enter the HUD on replay mode, you can see everything including your vector and speed and in your case, vertical speed.

Yes that is true, but it would be much more convenient. Also, when you use the HUD, you cannot pause to see your V/S because it will show 0.

Thanks for being a good sport. 🙂

Let’s continue in the other topic. It does have 9 votes as of right now. Yes it was created in 2018; however, the topic last had activity on May 25th.