In App Feature for IF Checklists?

Does anyone know how to use the in app feature for IF Checklists? I saw a video and the video said you could use it in IF. I haven’t figured out how to do it though.

Yes you use it like any other app for multitasking. Drag it onto your screen if using iOS 11. @Adrien is the man to ask for 100% accurate answers though.


You must have an iPad to do it. Your iPhone or iPod is too small to use the multitask. Hope this helps!

Ok! Thanks for the help.

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Are you using a phone or a tablet for IF?

I am using an IPad. The video said it works on IPads.

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Yes that’s correct. Personally though I think it’s better to use your phone or something while IF is on your iPad. That’s what I find easier, perhaps try it?

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I clear everything off the iPad but IF and IF-A

I just created a note on the notes app. That’s what I use that as my checklist :)

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