In-app EFB or browser

I was thinking the other day how nice it would be to have a quasi EFB using Safari’s interface, I.e. Flight kneeboard, accessible from within the app. For those of us who love Simbrief, Fpl to IF, Skyvector, etc, it would take away the hassle of going from app to app to app, potentially resetting IF during preflight or when airborne, and it would also take away the hassle of having to deal with (and meanwhile kill two batteries at the same time - iPad and iPhone) two devices. I constantly find myself going to Simbrief, then skyvector, then FPLtoIF, then IF… and when I’m trying to look at charts in skyvector during flight, I have to use my phone, which is a hassle due to being an extra device but also due to its small size. If there was an in-app browser, all these things plus the rest of the WWW would be accessible in full-screen view from within IF, with no chance of crashing the sim which runs in the background. It doesn’t seem too difficult to integrate, but who am I to cast that judgement. What are the community’s opinions on this idea?

o…k that is a good idea but like where would you put the button for it

Wherever one fits? I mean, it’s not like they’ve run out of space for the buttons already present…

Sounds like a great idea. What’s an EFB?

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Totally thought this was an E6B

@azeeuwnl an EFB is an electronic flight bag

What’s an Electronic Flight Bag?

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It’s is an electronic information management device that helps flight crews perform flight management tasks more easily and efficiently with less paper.

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Great idea, but a bit obsolete to invest capacity into the developement of such a feature, as more and more devices support multi-window.
Using Multi-window, you can even work on 2 different tabs in the meantime, while staying online on IF, for example to compare your Simbrief fpl with an fpl on Flightaware.

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Great Idea! I voted!

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But is this an option on the latest iOS? I just updated and am not seeing It. It can still be a hassle to swap from app to app even so.