In-App Device Battery Indicator

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This feature is fairly simple, but I feel like it will benefit many!

The idea is to add a small, but noticeable indicator in a corner of the screen while in the app. This indicator will show either a diagram of the battery (like on Apple devices) or simply just a percentage. This will be useful for pilots and ATC’s to see how much battery is left and/or if they urgently need to charge their device, without having to leave the app.

The feature would look something like this:

This is seen on the PUBG mobile app, where they have put this into use. (See black marks referring to what I mean)

Now some might say “Why is it so bad to leave the app?!” Well, when a pilot or ATC leaves the app, it actually puts them offline and ‘pauses’ the simulator, flight, or session. This means that, say you are in a group flight, doing formation work, when you swipe down (on apple devices this brings down the notification centre where the battery percentage can be observed) the session will be paused, meaning that when you resume, you will be behind all of your fellow pilots - this could be disastrous if you did this on final at a busy airport such as KLAX!

So what do you think? Reply below with your thoughts.

If you think this is a good feature to be added to IF, don’t forget to vote!

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u can just exit the app and leave it as a background app for a min or so (on apple at least) so it’s not really that bad

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Not true sadly - as soon as you leave the app, even if it is still in the background, it will pause what you are doing, meaning that if you are flying, you will not keep flying. This is why we cannot start a long haul, leave the app by keeping it in the background, then (for example) watch some YouTube, then come back 9 hours later (after being out of the app) and be at the destination. If that makes sense…

Really, so you don’t want to swipe down on the top which shows all info. iOS has the control center when you swipe down and Android has something similar. You don’t need to exit out of the app. Just a simple swipe that takes a second to do.

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Negative, what I’m saying is, when someone exits the app, which includes entering the control centre, the app pauses, meaning the aircraft stops flying and goes offline. This is why after you enter into the app after being outside of it, it has to reconnect to the servers.

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The control center takes a few seconds to peek at the percentage. So you are bothered by your flight being paused for a few seconds? It takes like 10 seconds to be disconnected, and a few seconds won’t hurt a thing. I use this to check battery countless amounts of times and I’ve never had any problems regarding connection


I understand what you are saying, although if you read my original post, I stated that this (to exit the app) would be particularly annoying for pilots in formation, or also for people who are in the approach phase.

How about charging your device while doing formation flights. I get that it can be annoying without charging your device but if you were to do formation flying, I’d recommend charging your device. I don’t see how it would be annoying for approach, but I see your view on formation flights.

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I see what you are saying, but I feel like a small way to see if the battery in-app will not hurt, and if people find it annoying, they can simply toggle it through settings.

I hope they add this, it is an easy to add feature and with only one look you see how much fuel you have left in your tank xd.
One time I didn’t had a charger with me and my iPad was 3 % (So I had to pause the app, and dissapear for the ATC, which is annoying for them, because it was busy.) on final, I had to go to another airport to land quicker, I guess my calculations were off.

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Yep that’s exactly what I want the feature to do and that’s a perfect scenario where it would have benefitted :)

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So I tested your theory on the flight pausing when you leave the app. All I did was leave the app and went back into IF and all it showed was the inflight menu, while I was in the menu the plane kept on moving (because of the live multiplayer) and the check box stayed green and I also tried swiping to the Notification Center and back and everything stayed as usual for me

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Anyways, for those who wish to vote for this, please do so on the original thread as this is a duplicate

I like the creativity of the idea, but for Android phones (and presumably for Apple too), users can swipe down to access a small bar that displays the battery percentage (without even pausing the game). I feel like this feature, although useful in some cases, would just take the developers’ attention away from something that would actually be super useful to all players ahem taxiway lights ahem.


@Pilot_urp if it was a duplicate, why not just say so straight away, rather than contesting the feature on this thread, then finally announcing that it is a duplicate?

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Uhh, stated that on my first post. Maybe you didn’t see it

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