In-App charts

This may be requested already, but a feature in the cockpit where you look up an airport and it gives you charts (*in game *) would be cool.

Do you mean like the airport diagram?

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good idea vote goes to u

@Scandanavian54super yes!

So something like this?


Wait no, I meant approach charts, sorry

Sounds cool! Just the thing is how would we get the charts in the first place? We’d need to pay for them somehow, we can’t just make up our own.

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it’s a nice idea but it would take ages to upload every single chart into the game. secondly, the charts which you see used by real life pilots cost a lot of money. Not to sound rude but i dont see the problem with people just looking up the charts on another device…

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It could be an in-game purchase possibly.

What if IF designed them?

if IF designed them it would take years. there are hundreds of thousands of charts needed, imagine how much work that would require…

They could hire people specifically for that job and each update they come out with like 5 new charts

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hmm that would still take ages, also everyone would clog up those airports if they had charts. It would be a waste of time creating charts when you can just find them online for free or just use fpltoif

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So basically this?

If you want sids/stars just use and then after you make a flight plan, add a sid/star and it’ll give you that one. You can also search up charts. Also why would i buy something more? That’s the soul purpose of the subscription model they have.

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I really like the idea of having charts inapp. I am tired of printing out charts to use them.

I as an example don’t have an additional device so i can only follow real-life procedures when i fly to an airport i have charts printed for.

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it’s a fair point as I understand that a lot of people want always have access to two devices (including me)
my main point is that adding in-game charts would just take up loads of space and would take ages to do. Also, IF is missing a lot of waypoints, DME’s etc. so it would be really painful to adapt previous charts every time a new update came out

You could stream the charts like scenery or download them on a cache and delete them after the flight

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🤔that could possibly work actually. I’m not rly a tech guy but that actually sounds slightly possible

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Then why not implement the free charts into the game?