In-App Altitudes

I have no idea if it’s just me or not but the altitudes in game seem far lower than in real life, for example my MSL and AGL will be at 15,000 but it looks like I’m at 8,000 I can’t post in features, so I won’t “request” anything here but I’m just pointing it out, anybody else agree?

I don’t think it’s just you. It definitely has something to do with the terrain resolution, and the fact that there is no 3D objects (beside airports) on the ground to compare to.

IT can look like it sometimes, also sometimes AGL is higher than ASL so it can enhance this impression lack of 3D object is also not helping.

It’s the terrain that makes it look lower, a terrain update would be amazing.

I’ve been noticing the same while flying into Southern California into San Diego going to Burbank the mountains look a lot higher than they should be I think I’m going to hit them actually flying on approach so it’s not just you I see it too since it’s like okay I have to plan ahead now my too low for my too high I don’t know half the time I just fly the approach as it is and hope I don’t hit terra firma with a cfit crash.


I’ve done this so many times while approaching from the east into KSAN, KLAX, and KSFO