In-App Airport Editor Credit

Hey guys!

The Infinite Flight Airport Editing Team (IFAET) is one of the biggest workhorses in the community. We volunteer countless hours working to make sure that almost every significant airport in the simulator is realistic, detailed, and fully enjoyable for everyone. Unfortunately many of us feel that we don’t get nearly enough credit or recognition for this effort.

I would like to propose that a small line be added to the Info section for each airport that shows the IFC name of the last person who worked on it. This would make a lot more people aware of what we do, make us feel good about our contributions, and give pilots a person to contact if they have complements or complaints about the airport. It should be fairly easy to add and could be combined with other information about the airport such as if it is edited and when it was.

Please let me know what you think about this idea and consider supporting it by voting in the top left corner. Thanks and have a great day!

Cleared a vote for this! I think airport editors should get more credit for their amazing work. 100% support this!


You got my vote!

also because that is my home airport, you actually reworked it, and even though no one really cares about MT you still did it


This has got my vote. You guys do some amazing work! Thank you!

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This has been brought up before, and while I support it, it has a few logistical problems. It can be difficult to figure out who to give credit to in some circumstances and finding where/how to do this for every airport are some of the challenges. Do we add it as a step for reviewers? Surveyors? Is it from GitHub commits? Does the last person to touch it get the same credit as the first to do so?

Give these some thought


I was thinking that the developers would do it when they are loading the airports onto the sim.

Each airport in the repository has the name of the person who worked on it last next to it. They could go off of that list.

Yes, hence “last edited by”

I hope you are aware that this would cause a huge share of airports being credited to supervisors who simply edit elevations, spelling mistakes or add a missing frequency. That essentially defeats the entire purpose of the feature.


Credit? Thanks to IF. Laura, staff, devs, admins, editors, volunteers, and we users.
Not last user of program.

Another possibility then is that the names could be taken off of the navigation update posts. Maybe it could even be a request service, where editors can send a message to a dev requesting to be credited if they have proof that they did the work.

Honestly I don’t think it’s a bad thing if Supervisors get credited for their work, even if it’s a small fix. You guys do more work than all of us.

Are you aware that almost every airport in the sim is edited by volunteers, not the devs? I am asking that the volunteers get better credit so that people are more aware of that.


Versus jumping all over those hurdles, why not just add a simple credit in the app itself to the whole group? Whether it be on the home screen, in the ‘about’ section – I think “Airports voluntarily created by the Infinite Flight Airport Editing Team” should suffice. :)


Looking at the nav repo I wouldn’t even consider using that for any kind of information.

As @Ryan said, no matter what way would be chosen to implement this it would come with an enormous amount of extra work. I tried to find out who’s the appropriate person to credit for ZBAA for the Instagram post and I honestly couldn’t do it by looking at the issue nor by checking the commit history.

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We can make a thankslist. If we start to stick things with users, it will bring trouble. Thank you volunteers. Also why last editor?

I truly think that an efficient method could be worked out if it was seriously looked into. Especially considering the amount of work we put into things.

This is a good idea! although I aint editor but I know it’s freaking hard to edit them.

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I am afraid, almost no one is aware of what “volunteer” means…

Efficiently is definitely not the word that comes to my mind when I think about

  • matching usernames over 2 systems (GitHub-IFC)
  • 4000+ instances already completed
  • continuously changing members

and that’s probably only a split of issues we would face.

If we went to get the efforts recognized in-app I only see a realistic chance in @Nathan‘s suggestion of a mention of the entire team.

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I personally really like this idea, and really don’t think it is as hard as people are trying to make it out to be.

I have a degree in computer science so I am just going to lay out how I think this could work from a programatic perspective.

First of all, the actually displaying of this information is not hard at all, it is an additional print statement (maybe buried in some conditionals) that will draw from some variable associated with the airport, presumably just like the rest of the information that is displayed (Obviously I haven’t actually seen the codebase for IF but this is a pretty universal concept).

So how does this information come to be associated with the airport? Well that would happen from the editing side. Obviously there is a lot of information already associated with the airports (Elevations, Codes, Runways, etc…), simply the name of the last editor could simply be another variable that gets saved when edits happen.

And right there you have a very simple way to do this. This way would also alleviate a few other issues:

  1. What if the editor doesn’t want to be named in app because they don’t want to address complaints on the IFC?: Then they don’t have to save their name with the airport.

  2. How do we get all the historical edits?: Well there is a way to do this programmatically using the github commits (obviously this would not be task anyone should have to tackle by hand), but in reality this could just be a moving forward thing, because maybe not all those historical users want to be associated with the airport (see question 1). So this task isn’t necessary.

  3. Why just Last Editor? What about in situations where one person puts in a lot of time creating an airport and the last editor just fixed minor issues?: Well there could be two new variables in this case, a First Created By and a Last Edit, and from there it would be on the honor system for people tweaking airports not to change the First Created By variable.

Anyway just my thoughts on the subject. Programmatically it wouldn’t really add to much to the game since the code that allows printing of information about the airport already exists.

Cheers y’all


You have my vote! No one can truly thank you guys enough for the work you do. I’m no computer/design expert, but I’m willing to bet this stuff is not easy.

Just like when people take amazing photos or a cool video, creators and editors should get recognition.

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Bumping this up again…

It’s something that I and many others would like to be considered by the devs. Although it might take some effort to implement at first, once it is in place it should be easy to manage, and might even make the program more organized in general. Again, it’s not too much to ask considering the time and effort we put into this, and it will make many feel better about volunteering as well as bring lots of new people in. I am well aware that there are efforts in place to give credit to IFAET, but unfortunately, those only reach a very small portion of the people who use the sim. A volunteer might put weeks and weeks into editing an airport, but everyone who is not an active community member will most likely credit it to the developers. The staff has said in the past that they want to show appreciation to their volunteers, and I think this is a great way to do that. Especially since IFAET is one of (if not the most) hard-working volunteer groups in the community.

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