In-air spawn

hi.I would like to see a button to spawn in air (only on solo flight).we dont need to takeoff is it good?

Hate the idea of this. Why would anyone not want to taxi and take-off??? How would it know where to spawn you?

oh didnt think about that!

Yeah, i got that…

how to delete this…

@Swang007 Plz close the topic.

Guys, we don’t close topics because some users think they’re a bad idea. Too many times there’s been some idea posted and the whole community loved it, then when I went to find the original post, it was locked because 2 people don’t like the idea :/

If the idea isn’t so good, the topic will naturally get buried underneath all the other topics over time, and will soon be forgotten.


Sorry for tagging Sean.

Please search or at least scroll some before making topic

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