[In Air] Air Canada Virtual Airlines | Out With The Old; In With The New Pt. 2 @CYMX 111700ZUAUG18


OUT WITH THE OLD IN WITH THE NEW is a Multi-Event series where we help deliver Air Canada’s NEW aircraft!

This Will be ACVA’s CRJ2 delivery flight. After this flight, the plane will be added to the ranks and open to pilots to start flying! We are glad we can add a 16th plane to our fleet!

Flight Details:

Server - Expert

Aircraft - Bombardier CRJ200 [CRJ2]
- Livery - Air Canada

Departure Airport - Montreal Mirabel Int’l Airport [CYMX]

Flight Time - [1 Hour]

Arrival Airport - St. John’s Int’l Airport [CYYT]

Date - Saturday - August 11th, 2018 [08/11/18]

Departure Time -
Saturday, August 11, 2018
Zulu Time 1700z

Time Conversions

EDT: 1:00PM
PDT: 10:00AM


  • Please Spawn in roughly 5 minutes before are scedualed departure time

  • Runway for departure is expected to be 06 and runway for arrival into YYT is expected to be 29. (May change due to weather condition at time of event.)

  • Make sure you have enough fuel for the flight. [40,000 lbs should be enough]

Listen to all instructions by ATC or another ACVA pilot to ensure this event runs smoothly.

  • After you land stick around for some NIFTY photos!

Flight Plan:


Cruising Speed - [M 0.75]

Cruising Altitude - 31,000ft


You do not need to be in ACVA to partake on this event

Bombardier Test Ramp 1: @natedog508 Event Leader
Bombardier Test Ramp 2: @Daniboi
Bombardier Test Ramp 3: @CR3W ACVA004
Bombardier Test Ramp 4: @Pranjal_Agrawal
Bombardier Test Ramp 5: @AZA.DAL.610
Bombardier Test Ramp 6: @AsternAviation ACVA248
Bombardier Test Ramp 7: @Hockeyman_02 Air Canada 1769
Main Apron Stand 111: @Harold_Lantos
Main Apron Stand 112: Empty
Main Apron Stand 113: Empty
Main Apron Stand 114: Empty
Main Apron Stand 116: Empty
[More Gates Availible]

Air Canada Virtual Airline’s Community Thread:
Air Canada Virtual Offical

Air Canada Virtual Website:
Air Canada Virtual’s Website

Air Canada Virtual Instagram:
Air Canada Virtual Airline’s Instagram

Air Canada Virtual Airline is not responsible for any violations received during the event.


Test Ramp 2 please, ACVA258

Imma try to be there if I’m not busy with this moving 🙄

Test Ramp 3 please! ACVA004

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Will most likely be there.acva184
Test ramp 4 please

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Everyone has been added

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I’ll take test ramp 5 Nate thanks.

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I’ll take a gate.

~ ACVA248

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Looks great! Would love to reserve Test Ramp 7 please!
Air Canada 1769

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You’ve all been added! See you tomorrow

I too would like to join in may I also get a gate ,
main apron 111? Please


Looks like it will be a perfect day at Mirabel

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Will you be present for the event Harold_Lantos?

Getting ready for my first group flight? Will there be atc at the airports?

I would like to be but Nate has not granted me a gate

Why don’t you dm him? Maybe he just hasn’t read your request yet

What I may do is spawn in at 12:30 - 16:30 UTC on expert and see what happens

As the event is on Expert server, there won’t be ATC because the featured region today is America. Not Canada. Hope this helps :)

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All gates have been updated. Expect a group chat soon

Good luck guys, have fun, I would of joined but I’m in the Denver flyout

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It says “40,000 lbs should be enough” but the CRJ can’t carry anywhere near that?

Meant 4000LBS. Sorry about that