In a VA, would you prefer to fly wherever or have to start a new flight from where you landed?

Good afternoon IFC!

I hope everyone is staying safe and enjoying the long weekend! With that being said, since most people seem to be active with nothing else to do, I have a question. Associated with the question I will leave a poll since I am curious on everyone’s thoughts.

If you were part of a VA, would you prefer to start your next flight where you left off (a more realistic environment), or land in one place and take off somewhere else (a less realistic environment)?

(This doesn’t include when you fly for fun or with others, just when flying VA flights)

  • I prefer to be in a realistic environment and start where I left off
  • I don’t like that idea and would prefer to land in one place and take off somewhere else

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I greatly appreciate your feedback! Stay safe everyone!


I actually do both


Hello :)
This is a “would you rather” question. Since this is in IF feel free to post the question in here


I greatly appreciate your feedback! I will defiantly take that into consideration

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I considered posting it there, however I don’t believe that section supports VA related topics so I thought it would be safer to post it here


This category is only VA related questions and VA threads :)
Thank you

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This is a VA related question! The only reason I am asking this is because I am the CEO of a VA but I can’t advertise my VA so I wanted to post it without brining up my VA, however it seems I failed that since I needed to explain to you why I posted here :)


I don’t think you understand what I mean,
This category is for questions as: “Oh boy, I really want advice for creating a VA, can anyone help me?”
And for VA threads

You can’t advertise your VA until you’re approved indeed, but if you’re reserved and have permission from the IFVARB to request staff you kinda can.

Now let’s not create a discussion, if you have any questions feel free to PM me

I do this, but not all members of my VA do


@Vince That’s exactly what happened in one of the VA’s I am part off. I do it but others don’t and quite frankly, it was annoying since it wasn’t very realistic. Thankfully other people prefer a more realistic environment as of now!


Hey! I’d suggest maybe having a bit of a ‘mix and a match’, it’s fun to see what the community wants, and the people that come along with it. 🙃

– ECoops123, WSVG CEO


Yep! I agree and that’s one of the reasons I’m doing the poll! I appreciate your feedback too!


Aside from our little discussion

I don’t really mind what I fly, I mostly just spawn in and do a flight


Haha! That seems that’s a trend here😂

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Personally I flip flop, but if I was the CEO if a VA I wouldn’t restrict one or the other. I would allow flying where ever you want but maybe give an incentive to fly career mode. Just my 2¢.


Personally I like to do a continuous logbook. I have basically inspired many people in the VA that I’m staff at to start one aswell for both VA and non-va flights. Brings that extra bit of realism to the experience


I take off where I land most of the time. I fly to almost 5 destinations in most of my online flights… Current ratio approximately 460 flights to 2400+ landings. I follow some random real life cargo or commercial flight destinations from history.


I definitely agree, I just feel it may be easier to stick with one idea. We will see what the community wants!


You’re exactly like me! More or less I fly a lot of the same routes but continue where I left. It’s more realistic and just makes better sense (in my opinion)


Couldn’t agree more. I did that in the other VA I am in but it never caught on😂

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