(IN 2 WEEKS! 6 PILOTS 17 GATES LEFT!) Southwest Fun Flight! @KSJC - 201700ZNOV18

Server: Training

Airport: KSJC-KSEA

Time: *1700z November 20,2018

NOTAM: Aircraft is the 738 southwest. Pushback will be at 1650z. Please follow all instructions to keep it realistic.

More gates will be added if needed.

Cruising ALT: FL370
Cruising SPD: M.079


Sounds fun! Could I recommend adding some pictures and different fonts? Here is a helper-

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I’ll take gate 01

And what time is 1650z time, the real time in Arizona

that would be 2:00 PM as i believe its a weekend and what is your callsign gate 2 is yours

@BigBert10 would be proud. Lol 😂


I’ll take Gate 3A

good southwest gate

Sign me up I will gladly take a gate

Oof! I’d be up in KSEA irl on the day of the event. 😔

@AlaskaAir, thanks for directing me here 😂

Hopefully this event at KSJC is realistic with the right loop upon departure.

Btw, Southwest has Gate 12 and Gates 19-26 at KSJC.


SWA12 is my call sign

And it’s 2 o’clock pm AZ time
, correct

Yes correct

you are in! what will your callsign be?

you are in! what will your callsign be? thats 3 attendees in 1 night!

thanks for signing up! what will your callsign be?

My callsign will be SWA567.

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Don’t worry, ive been planning to do an event in San Jose in about 3 weeks!

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my call sign will be SWA 76

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May I get Gate 06 with callsign SWA1111 please?