Impulse Airlines Boeing 717

Image from: aussie airliners I like the cockatoo on the tail. Doesn’t it look great?


Not decided whether I love it or hate it yet…


Nice livery

That livery on the 717 acctually looks very good (I don’t really like the 717)

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Hmm, except for the “Impulse” logo and Stu, the cockatoo, its somewhat camouflaged against the background, isn’t it?

Very nice, though. :)

Well, the photo is kind of dark.

Ah, yes, that’s a much better photo. :)

Looks as if they couldn’t wait to take 'er for a spin; anyone notice the streaking above the wing root?..

Edit: Possible reflection off the wing surface.

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Can’t believe I missed this, Impulse would be great to have alongside QantasLink!

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Good livery, fits well in the 717.

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That bird tail is amazing!

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