Improving visual on pilots actions even when having issues with the low fps when spawned in atc-high camera

Hi everyone! I am currently training my atc skills on the training server but the problem is that my device is a huawei p30 lite and it runs at 13 fps when I put my camera at atc-high, with that problem I have to turn off the camera to get a 60 fps performance and therefore respond fast to the pilots when I’m on ground and tower. Moreover I can’t watch in detail what pilots are doing ( if they are taxiing through grass, taking off on the taxiway…) what can I do to improve my visual with that issue without changing my device.

There is a map of the taxiways, you can tell exactly were they are.

Yes but the problem is to see if the aircraft is not passing the hold short line.

My typical setup when controlling is turning all graphic settings to low, even object density, anti analyzing off, fps at 60, and turning the camera off. That way my device doesn’t get too hot and I can still control at 60fps.

As for hold short lines, I can see them when turning off the “Taxiways” filter, which reduces clutter, leaving only the yellow layer of lines.


(Hold short lines are circled)

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So when you control you don’t turn the atc-high camera on?

I never have the ATC camera on, always off. It’s not a requirement to have it on.


Okay thanks for your replies , glad that not all IFATC put the camera on ! This tool will help me to improve my atc skills and I hope that I succed in my written and practical exam in the near future!

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