Improving the Community: Reducing Speculation

Hi all. Ive seen a lot of speculation on the forum recently and thought I would provide a general topic to inform fellow community members about what speculation is, and why it is bad to all parties involved.

One may ask what speculation is, well:

Speculation is the act of a consumer forming expectations/predictions about the attributes/features of a new product or service that is based on incomplete or unreliable information.

How does this apply to us? Or when does this happen

Well, we as the IFC are the consumers of Infinite Flight. We look at WIP photos posted by IF social media accounts and nit pick each small detail trying to find easter egg “features” that may seem to be present when in reality they are non existent.

Speculation occurs when people start talking about said easter egg “features” as confirmed items, or when people assume things that have been done in the past (like new engine sounds) will be done again.

As you can see above speculation is bad. Let me point out some reasons why speculation is bad for the consumer (us) (im not going to dive into each of these points as the post would become ridiculously long)

  1. Unrealistic Expectations
  2. Wasted Time and Energy
  3. Influence Purchasing Decisions
  4. Anxiety

Heres some reasons why speculation is bad for businesses (such as Infinite Flight)

  1. Resource Misallocation
  2. Market Fragmentation
  3. Brand Damage
  4. Inhibition of Innovation
  5. Long Term Sustainability

Lets all try to avoid speculation for the betterment of the community, and for the betterment of the sim we all know and love.

Disclaimer: yes i know the post is not perfect. And no, this is not my attempt to mini mod the forum. This is my attempt to better the IFC by informing users of the negative impacts of speculation.

PS: Big shoutout to ChatGPT for helping to expedite my research process.


I’m not sure I agree that speculation is always bad. At some level it presumably helps to drive “buzz” for a product, which is not necessarily unhealthy as part of an overall marketing environment.

But I could see how if no one pushes back on speculation, that could be detrimental. Unchecked misinformation can’t be a good thing.

Sometimes I regret not being able to get an adequate search result for a prior counter argument point from staff that I recall in memory only (not sure how to adequately fix that).


There is definitely a difference between driving excitement for a product and speculation(difference being the source of information), if that is what your talking about.

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I just mean chatter is good, and a certain portion of it will always be less than perfect. But often, desirable, productive, outcomes require a certain degree of “chaos.” Chaos is part of the creative process. It’s more a question of balance: enough chaos without it growing so much it pulls a system down.

I agree that chatter is good, but isn’t this creative process or chaos you mention sourced from WIP images that do not represent the final product?

Had this forum had today’s number of current users in 2017, it would have imploded under all of the global flight speculation. How far we’ve come.


I thought about mentioning the global tracking thread being a pain for staff and mods to manage because of all the speculation, but i ultimately decided against it.

Heres links if anyone wants to see for themselves

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To be honest, I wish this community wasn’t so strict about speculation. It seems like more people complain about speculation than people actually speculating. Like yeah I understand not spreading false info but it’s gonna happen anyway so what’s really the point in trying to stop it? If people get their hopes up about certain updates or features, that’s on them. Sometimes it’s nice to be able to discuss whatever you want and sometimes I feel like it’s impossible to have any type of discussion because the second something goes slightly off topic, the mini-mods come out of the woodwork and the kill the vibe. Makes me not even feel like posting most of the time.


First I want to thank you for your opinion! I want to address a couple things

I agree to disagree. Yes, a lot of people complain about speculation and yes, a lot of people speculate. I will disagree with you however on the aspect of productive conversation. This post encourages a productive conversation about speculation rather than simply complaining about its existence. I think productive conversation is worth something right? In the end, its what we are doing right now.

Did you read my post? I gave a list of reasons of how speculation negatively affects both us the consumer, and Infinite Flight the business. The entire point was to increase awareness of the issue, and broaden the community’s perspective so they are knowledgeable of the impacts. I hope this knowledge will help community members realize the effects of speculation, and members can individually try to reduce the amount of speculation on their own posts.

I dont agree with mini modding, hence why im coming from the community improvement standpoint by providing research and reasoning. Im not publicly shaming individuals or individual topics, I am only addressing the larger issue at hand. Mini mods do the exact opposite.

As for off topic conversation, the community rules are there for a reason. But in order for productive conversation, there has to be a balance, which i believe the staff and (actual) mods do a good job at maintaining.

Im sorry you feel this way. I do sometimes to a degree, but I understand the reasoning. To minimize the workload of staff and moderators in their job to keep the community organized, safe, and interactive. I hope this helps you as well. If you want to talk about something new, open a topic!

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I think there’s been a lack of transparency by IF of late which itself must lead to more speculation.
They introduced the blog and development timeline but it’s hardly been updated in the last 1-2 years.
E.g. it only came out last week that 3D clouds and new lighting was coming soon , but only in a Q&A - why not on the timeline?
Also, if you can’t give us release dates for new aircraft, fine, we get it, but at least give us clear weekly updates on the stage of development and possibly rough ideas of timeframes. Something we’re not getting tbh.


I can’t see how that’s true. These are the last dozen or so development timeline communication dates:

The frequence of these appear to have roughly maintained pace over time. Similarly with the blog dates.

This is from the blog two years ago:

Projecting exact software development dates is universally notoriously difficult. So there don’t seem to be any major surprises here.

I don’t know, but that seems like a bit much.