Improving Map

It would be really helpful if the map showed the highest point in your area. Arriving at KPSP on RWY31 can be difficult due to terrain for example. What do you guys think?


Yeah totally! KPSP catches me out with indicated altitude and AGL!

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I thought of something like this



Yeah even it they just showed the terrain and colour coded it!

something like that is really cool especially for ATC…so we can see the how high areas are…

There is a terrain map for ATC, pilots should be given access to that as well.


For approach control, Drag with your finger and it will change your life ;)

Spot Elevations on the currant IF Chart have been recommended in the past. Good Eye @LSZH34 … Pls review previous post Alex. Max Sends

I would like to bring this from the dead to inform you I would really love to see elevation in the map…after planning and taking off and realizing there is mountain there is bad

Just being able to swap between terrain view, and the standard black view would be good. I often have the VFR chart with me, they are PDF files found anywhere online, can the devs get permission to use these? They’d help with different airspace, restricted airspace, terrain etc too…

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I agree this would be a big help at the minimum the ATC terrain map should be added into the in-flight map