Improving Infinite Flight's UI

@jasonrosewell looks great! Would the ATC menu be accessed from there or would ATC remain in the same spot?

You put your finger on the rudder slider and pull vertically downwards.

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Whoa @Nicholas_Henry, I’ve been an IF pilot for three years and I didn’t know that :)

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This may be a bit off topic but imagine having live atc voice 😍. This isn’t a request, just a dream. 🌝

Is this progressive braking? Instead of the sudden brake button?

The new UI looks pretty cool, and adds room for expansion. But it seems to be all along the bottom corners, I like having the controls all up the right side. And, on Autopilot, it only says NAV, I’m assuming is will have ALT, VS and HDG later on. But other than that, great job!

I learnt that just last year so don’t worry! I’ve been here since 2015 and apparently it has been there near around that time! 😬😂 @CapA

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It is like a sudden brake with the same force as the brake button when you slide it but it does not slowly brake so it is just there for you to release much more efficiently especially for taxiing or exiting the runway.

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It’s interesting least to say, well I can confirm that we get live animated switches in the Cessna. I’m gonna have to get very used to this new change as I’ve been with it for years.


Had this HUD experience since 2015

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“When the UI works, there will inevitably be copycats, and this has happened to us recently. For real.”

Nice little jibe at RFS for copying IF’s UI ;)


We also have to get used to more commands and options in the HUD.


Yeah but having more buttons is more fun. I mean, who doesn’t love pressing buttons? ;)

That’s right, it also improves the realism in IF. Pilots will have more to do and will have a higher responsibility.

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Interesting concept. I hope you don’t mind if I list my current pro’s and cons?


  1. I like the movement of flaps to the left side of the screen! I think it will make it easier to execute takeoffs and go around.
  2. Same with the trim, I think it works well over on the left hand side.
  3. The new systems idea looks interesting! I think it will work well, as more complex features come to IF


  1. I think the AP button should be moved up, that way I don’t accidentally hit the rudder
  2. Where did the AP selections go? (SPD, HDG, ALT, VS). I’d love for those to stay on the main panel. After departure, it’s easier to be able to program them while also maintaining control of the aircraft. The more buttons I need to push, the less I am able to focus on the current phase of flight.

Overall, I’m liking the changes! Seem innovative, and a new look is great!

Also, the C172 looks amazing!!! Can’t wait to fly it.


I put this here so that people wouldn’t have to click the link all the time!


I like that he called out rortos in a smart way… although, at least IF is a leader and not a follower and inspire OTHER game developers…

Talking about the AP button, I’d love for this press and hold feature to be implemented in the future to avoid accidental disengaging of the autopilot.


@Zuhair.Mazhar You are absolutely right, this has clearly been an issue. Accidental AP activation or disengages are very common, resulting in crashes and unintentional violations.

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That looks like an iPad, and if so I suppose we can say by the looks of it the AP functions will he hidden under a tab as they are now on phones, I would really love it if you kept it the way it is for that one. I find myself flicking on altitude hold, or heading hold all the time, and having more controls on screen at any given moment has been one of the biggest reasons I prefer my iPad so much for IF, I have the screen space, please let me keep using it…

That said, I do appreciate the movement of the rudder I have been consciously trying to use that more since before I almost never touched it, but once I took a flight lesson I saw just how much it’s used, and this will help, overall I really like it, but I’m not a huge fan of how much everything has been condensed. Especially on some bigger tablets you have plenty of screen real estate, and one click is always better than two, so even having a setting to spread it out or something would go a long way for me…

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