Improving Infinite Flight's UI

This is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen! An amazing new HUD and live cockpit aircraft! This update has my total support.

It would be great to be able to choose the rudder size and length

@jasonrosewell Thanks a lot for the informative blog post. The new setup looks great and definitely appears to be an improvement. My one hope with this new layout is that progressive braking may now be easier to implement with a slider, as the brakes are now located by the throttle. I know this may not happen soon, but it would be a nice future addition. One question though: I assume the HUD view hasn’t changed much for those planes without live instruments?

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Pretty good guys!

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Brakes on the opposite side of rudder , nice 👍

that’s soooo nice

nb you can currently brake by tapping and sliding down on the rudder control.

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@jasonrosewell How does that work? I brake by touching the brake button.

I love the idea of systems panels addition… It would increase the realism of the simulator… Waiting eagerly to start the APU😉

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@jasonrosewell looks great! Would the ATC menu be accessed from there or would ATC remain in the same spot?

You put your finger on the rudder slider and pull vertically downwards.

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Whoa @Nicholas_Henry, I’ve been an IF pilot for three years and I didn’t know that :)

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This may be a bit off topic but imagine having live atc voice 😍. This isn’t a request, just a dream. 🌝

Is this progressive braking? Instead of the sudden brake button?

The new UI looks pretty cool, and adds room for expansion. But it seems to be all along the bottom corners, I like having the controls all up the right side. And, on Autopilot, it only says NAV, I’m assuming is will have ALT, VS and HDG later on. But other than that, great job!

I learnt that just last year so don’t worry! I’ve been here since 2015 and apparently it has been there near around that time! 😬😂 @CapA

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It is like a sudden brake with the same force as the brake button when you slide it but it does not slowly brake so it is just there for you to release much more efficiently especially for taxiing or exiting the runway.

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It’s interesting least to say, well I can confirm that we get live animated switches in the Cessna. I’m gonna have to get very used to this new change as I’ve been with it for years.


Had this HUD experience since 2015

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“When the UI works, there will inevitably be copycats, and this has happened to us recently. For real.”

Nice little jibe at RFS for copying IF’s UI ;)