Improving IF Performance FPS Wise

Recently I have been noticing IF starting to drop a few frames, yes, this is normal, but I would do anything to run all max graphic settings and get max FPS while doing so. Any tips? I already removed every large app on my iPad Air with a capacity of 12.24 GB’s. Any other tips?


Sorry…couldn’t help myself.

I don’t think there’s much you can do right now unfortunately, besides lowering the settings…


I have all od the settings at max and it is running almost perfectly, including A-A. But once I approach airports like K/ORD, I get legit Lag issues. But while cruising it is almost perfect. Clearing some of my iCloud data helped a lot. Just wondering what else I could possible do, Thanks!

The last 4 are good ideas if you haven’t done them already

Did Everything it said and I notice a major improvement thanks!

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Great! Glad I could help :)

I only get lag on my Air 2 when coming up on HR3 of a flight. Floating point bug. 😑

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