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Today, I will be discussing the free flight server and it weather. I’ve noticed most of the people their are Grade 1s and 2s. Here’s where the problem comes in. Most of them don’t know how to handle these crosswinds.San Fransisco’s gust can range from 1 - to 20 Knots.

I also bet most of them don’t have a account here on the community to ask for helping to deal with these dangerous crosswinds,

So my solution is too cut crosswinds under 5 Knots

What do you think? Post your comments below!

They can barely land a plane anyway they are trying to land while at 1000ft then they dive to descend and end up crashing or pulling up and ascending again, that’s the least of their problems 😂


Their learning how to land their plane. Thats what Freeflight is for, lowering winds would help them. Most of them don’t actully dive and land, most of them just land a tad early.

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I don’t ever remember the wind being a problem though when I used to fly on it back when live first came out everyone was on it, has it changed?


He’s just saying its can bit tricky for a new player. Especially when those winds get up to 20kn

Well, they have to learn somehow. Better there than advanced.

Some like flying on free flight when there are strong gusts and crosswinds so they don’t crash or get violations on the advanced or playground servers.

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Wait doesn’t live come with love weather? If it does, I don’t think the developers would do anything since its live weather.

29 kts, that’s nothing, try 170 kts at KLAX

This is a simulator not a game btw, also i know what you mean ATL airport was shutdown for 2 hours and most of the reason was 18knt wind. Source: I was trapped in a boeing 717-200 for 2 hours on the ground :P

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I always used to do landings for hours at Half Moon Bay! I was then so excited when I got Grade 3. The pilots with Grade 1 or 2 can just go to another airport if it is too windy… Like KLAX, WSSS or YSSY. I don’t think the level of realism should be put down because of bad pilots 😂


If they are trying to learn how to land their plane, shouldn’t they be doing it on solo? You can set your own wind speeds and stuff so…

agree, that’s the best way to learn. When I am trying a new aircraft, or one I haven’t got a lot of experience on, I practice flying first in Solo mode, start off with several Short finals before moving on to doing bumps and circuits, again in solo mode, before moving on to Live. TBH by then I am confident enough in my flying skills to go on to the Advanced server.

I think it helped that I had IF for over a year before I had (or even was available) to fly on live so that when I did I had a lot of the basic skills practised.

We all had and still are learning to land with crosswind, so why should things be different to accommodate others. Whatever I can do, I’m sure anyone else would be able to do.
Remember we all were beginners at one stage, and we had to face these things 😉

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