Improvements to infinite flight mobile game

Hello. I made a review on infinite flight on the Google Play store and was told by a developer to bring it here for a vote to see if it can and will be added. So my three things I’d like to propose for a vote are adding ai traffic to the offline basic modes of infinite flight and ai atc to the offline basic modes for a more immersion driven experience. And the third is to have the full world map available to all players. I bring this up as a person who can’t afford after basic bills the premium subscription and think this will bring more people to the game and make a full user friendly experience. I am not saying take away the pro+ subscription option but maybe modifying it to have extra benefits over basic still but making the low income people have the same equal experience as those who can afford it. Of course keeping the pro+ subscription with extra benefits is still what I want to see. But having the full map open to basic subscription players AI plane traffic in basic modes and AI ATC in basic mode would be nice. Keeping multiplayer as a pro+ option only is just fine with me. But making the basic non multiplayer modes as immersed and fun as possible is why I make this post. Please consider my proposal and any questions are welcome. Thank you for your consideration.

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I entirely agree that the Pro subscription can be out of reach for those with Infinite Flight and would love to see the basic offer expanded.

However, the three suggestions you make seem very costly. Say they were to be implemented, the Pro subscription rate would no longer be justifiable. While a reduction in subscription costs would be immediately enjoyable for all, I do not see how IF would continue to make the ambitious investments and developments in its system with the concomitant loss to revenue. A stagnant product is ultimately to the benefit of neither subscribing or non-subscribing users.

Perhaps Pro being cheaper would allow more non-subscribers to bring more revenue to IF. But I do not believe (I have no hard numbers; whilst market research—as an industry and as a study—is beneath me as a concept, I am sure the IF team has a better understanding of this) there are enough non-subscribing members of the community to offset the reduced revenue in rates. Of course, many non-subscribing members would not look to Pro even if it were more affordable; plenty are happy with the hard product (who doesn’t enjoy fast jets?).

Again, I would like to see the non-Pro offer expanded—as I am sure, within reason, the IF team do. But I do not think the community is best served by your three specific suggestions.

Others may disagree with me and agree with you. The best place for them to find this discussion is in the Features category. Double-check the following and move it to the correct area of the forum.



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As for your question on offline features:

There needs to be a sufficient gap between what is offered in the non-pro version vs the pro version. This is to ensure enough subscriptions to fund ongoing development and running costs, at a minimum.

But also not appreciated sometimes is a necessary risk premium to pay for the risk of starting and maintaining a business. No business has a guaranteed protection against the uncertainties of competition and other economic factors, and those who venture to create and continue to run a business need to be compensated for taking on and managing that risk. This risk is real and someone has to pay for it, even if determining the exact size of that risk can never be an exact science.

It is also not an exact science on how best to maintain that gap in offerings to keep the subscription vs non-subscription users at a sufficient ratio to make this all work.

But IF is very generous in what they allow with the non-pro version. Non-pro provides full access to the aircraft and world environment engine (as opposed to the full aircraft and geographic database).