Improvements in GPWS and TCAS


Is this a feature request?

@Boeing707 I think it is I mean it is in features

We definitely need this!

I wish the gentle Infinite Flight developers would enhance two updates I believe they are so important:
1 - Addition of a Bank Angle Select Button cause it will be so helpful for achieving perfectly a Standard Rate Turn / Half SRT especially when performing a Procedure Turn in any established holding pattern.
2 - Improving the Vertical Speed Select Button to be + / - segmented in units of 50 instead of 100 cause it would be more accurate when applying the Climb/Descent Rates according to IAP or ITP charts.


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The alarms sound like a funny old Windows computer


This might be really useful for global.

Yes, especially flying over large stretches of water and lots of different terrain

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We absolutely need this. Hopefully this will be implemented with global. This will help so many unskilled and skilled pilots on Live. :)

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Maybe we should shorten the title a bit

This would cool and will be necessary for global (The T-CAS especially)

It is so annoying to fly at night and after a long flight on the approach, crash into a mountain because you can’t see it and get no warnings. We need this! Great video too!

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There is an GPWS of sorts on IF. If you are on the cockpit/HUD view you can click on the options button on the right hand side of the map and select ‘show terrain’ & ‘show terrain warning’. I find this helps a lot at night/low visibility

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But an audible alarm would be better because when you’re on approach you don’t exactly have time to look at that little map on the hud or the map page

Absolutely agree, would add to realism…guess we’ve just got to make do until it arrives


Note that until IF devs implement this, I have made an add-on using IF’s API that provides a full implementation of a GPWS system (but not TCAS yet):


Sometimes on short final, I can (or not) ear the 10’ callout but that’s not great to do not ear ALL the GPWS callout numbers from 2500’ to 10’ ( with all the other numbers 1000’, 500’, 400’, 300’, 200’, 100, 50’, 40’, 30’, 30’, 20) … : (.
It helps to have more precision for the touchdown, I can say it because it’s very usefull on FSX; and by the way, FSX is a god example.
It would be cool to have finally all the GPWS callout sounds in the update…

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You are absolutely right.

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