Improvement suggestions

New to infinite flight forums, but luv the app. You guys had done a terrific job!

A few minor suggestions:

  1. Night time taxing is difficult as it seems as landing lights are not lighting taxiway in front of the plane. Strobe light provide some lighting, but not much. Would be a nice feature add.
  2. Develop fuel burning mode, where the plane actually consumes fuel while in flight. Fuel consumption should vary based on throttle position, load, altitude, etc. this mode should not allow for fuel adjustment in flight, or at least not allow for fuel load changed in flight. U can reduce the load, but not add. Refueling would only allowed on the ground, or perhaps at the gate. Same applies for passenger and cargo adjustment. Neither should be adjustable in flight.

Looking forward to A320 launch soon.

Keep up the good work.

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Welcome to the forum :-)

Also, these are both almost certainly both duplicate requests. Please search the forum before posting feature requests :-).

Here so next time you won’t make the same mistake

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Duplicate. Please search before posting! Thanks!

Welcome to the forum :) All of the above posts are true. Please search the Community before making new feature requests, and only one request per feature, thanks!