Improved Terrain textures around airports (Zoom Level 17+)

Getting higher quality textures would be the next big step in realism for IF.
Getting more detail in terrain textures when descending to land or when you are doing VFR flying would improve the flying experience for sure!
This would obviously require more data transfer to your mobile, but who cares while on wifi?
It could also be adjusted by a slider for when you must use a mobile provider data connection choosing a lower zoom level terrain detail.

If I am not wrong IF uses 15 zoom level currently while other sims, when using ortho images use 17+ zoom level, hence the better results.

To me, 15mm is an okay spot for me. Especially when we still don’t even have 15mm imagery on the whole globe. Maybe in the upcoming years, but not now for me. :)

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I agree. It’s very good when your up high, eventually, and I’m taking like 2025, then we can see an update, right now it’s fine.

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We have had accurate satellite-imagery ground scenery for less than a year. Pump the brakes, superchief.


All good! Just talking about ways of improving the experience, really amazed and pleased with the introduction of global on a mobile sim and the hard work from FDS.
Dunno…maybe a bit higher res images around just areas that we all get low and close (ie around airports…cities?), in that way we wouldnt overload the servers…just saying…

That makes more sense, you should add this to your original post.

Sounds good, will try and update…thanks!

That’s almost every price of land…🤷‍♂️ I like your idea, but for a later time. :)

Your welcome, happy to help!

Maybe around Major Airports instead? Like JFK, LAX, LHR, etc, and only for day a mile?

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A mile seems a bit of a small length to me, maybe like 5 or 6 nautical miles?

Ok, that’s fair, just nothing too crazy.

Also the thing is, I am not noticing the scenery around me (unless for an airport with terrain clearance issues) during takeoff and initial climb, I am focusing on flying safely and not getting a violation, the scenery I notice is during cruise, not takeoffs and landings.


Agreed @SkysTheLimit87.

Yeah, global was already an amazing update from FDS, the first of its kind on a mobile sim, we don’t need them to worry about anything now, with the (no doubt in my mind) fantastic TBM coming, and the CRJ Update just being rolled out with its final versions, FDS has worked long and hard for us


No doubt! …Just throwing out ideas, by no means demanding things, just suggesting…who knows…at the speed this sim is developing (thanks to the ace developers FDS has) maybe we get things implemented sooner rather than later!
And you are right! 15mm is more than we need while above 10000 feet…but I do look around while taxiing at airports and miss a bit more detail…but who doesnt!..we’ll get there eventually…I am sure ;)
Happy flyings!

Yea, I agree on you, the scenery can use an update, just down the line, happy flying to you too!!

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If I remember correctly, I believe Laura or Philippe talked about the Possible addition of 5m scenery over densely populated areas. (Like Los Angeles or New York) But I don’t think that ever was on a certain timeline. I agree with JT though, let’s see 15m imagery across the entire planet before we start talking about even more advanced scenery. :)