Improved satelite imagery

There has been a lot of talk about people wanting improved satellite imagery, for instance go look at @swiss001 's new video on the 3D buildings. I just thought that with the new 3D buildings and cirrus clouds the ground would look out of place and the buildings will look like they don’t fit there.

I agree that the current imagery looks good from the sky but on ground it looks like a mess( not trying to criticize )

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Picture from youtube: mm Aviation

I know satellite data could be expensive but the sim could benefit out of it, and the old water textures would be amazing aswell:)

Thanks for reading.

Feel free to vote here:

This is a feature that has my full support


No. Not happening.


Please vote on the topic above and if u like, u can go to settings>Graphics>anti-aliasing and turn it on. This will make the ground and taxiways etc look less blurry and yes it makes the game look much better but be sure ur device is strong enough to support it