Improved Pushback

Pushback in this flight sim has stayed the same since it was added. You press the button and move back, using the rudder to move left and right. This has been great; however, I think it’s time to add more realism to the pushback experience by adding the option to move forward. For those who do not know, Planes are often pushed back to the line, and pulled forward to a place where their jet stream will not damage anything. Also, it is used when planes are parked at the last gate in a row or a tight corner where only pushing back is not an option. If you go to many airports (JFK for instance), on the floor you will see arrows or dotted lines on taxiway lines by gates. This is a designated spot where all planes who have pushed back must be towed. It is hard to get to these place without being able to move forward. It may also be fun to start at a hangar and be pulled to a gate (like in real life), with atc clearance of course. Overall, this will be an amazing addition to IF and one that should not be too hard to accomplish. I hope you guys vote for it!

I think this is the same


I agree with @GBKarp

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