Improved Map and Radar Screen

Weather Radar and Realistic Map

Hey everyone,
Currently, in infinite flight, radar/map screens are quite basic only giving us information on planes, airports, and our next waypoint. But I think that the map should be more useful than that.

What does a real map screen look like?

As you can see here, on this 737 the radar screen displays whether that could be encountered up ahead, allowing pilots to make a decision on whether to steer away from their original course or to just plow right through. The map provides a real-time readout of their position on the planet and provides pilots with information that could save the lives of their passengers.

What would this look like in Infinite Flight?

As you can see, pilots would be able to see weather coming up ahead, instead of relying on wind patterns displayed by the HUD or in the bottom toolbar. This would allow pilots to realistically avoid the weather if they choose. Also, the map would always be orientated according to the plane, in other words, the plane wouldn’t move, the map would move. This would be representative of how a real radar system works on IRL aircraft. Additionally, pilots would have the option to turn off the weather or plane oriented maps and go back to the one we have now.

I think that this would be a great step to making IF more realistic. The map would provide pilots a way to look at and avoid weather in real time, without having to use a third party source such as This would provide convenience and realism to the already amazing IF experience.

I realize that a similar topic has been made before by @LSZH34 and @Chris_S however those were about different map related requests. If deemed that 1 of the 2 photos is not needed, i am willing to remove them.

Image Credits
1. by gc232

2 Image By @Darpan_S

There’s already a topic that covers this:

However, it is a bit old and not as detailed.

@Darpan, I’d recommend PMing a mod about closing that one.

Technicalities aside, I would love to see this in IF. Let me dig up a vote!


Thank you for bringing it to my attention. I will PM a mod asap.


Isn’t something similar to that already in the making process?


That’s been around for a while but it’s only a FDS developer tool.

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Only a developer tool? That’s a shame.

Well, in that case: You have my vote @Darpan


She told me that is an hard thing to put in Infinite Flight, looks like it won’t happen soon.

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This is totally a sidebar but if a plane flew into that supercell at 15,000’ it would almost certainly be no more! :)


I have only voted for 1 feature and this definitely catches my interest, you have my vote.

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While that is only a developer tool, the picture actually shows that it is possible for a feature like this to get implemented into the game!


If I had to choose between picture @Darpan has and the picture @Marc has, I would go with the design @Dylan_Bright has, mainly because it is nicer aesthetically, and it looks more realistic.

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I’m pretty sure that’s when you use foreflight. But maybe I’m wrong.

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This only tracks wind speed, not rain.

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I like this idea a lot. My suggestion would be that it would be an option in the menu where it says “FPL” etc. to turn the weather radar on, and if FDS decides to work on enhanced weather (e.g. clouds), this would be a great simultaneous addition.


And I wouldn’t have to check 3 different weather sources every time I fly 🙄


@Marc did post a photo above regarding the wind map that may come in IF.

What I would like to add, is a photo that Laura posted on her Instagram Account 3 weeks ago:


What Laura clearly points out:

What is rendered below is an experimental search view showing cloud coverage at my current altidute, which clearly shows the storm bands.

Isn’t it a bit similar on what you request. Correct me if I am wrong. You can see possible cloud layers rendering in some short of diagram way. This will allow the pilots to be acknowledged on where they fly and where the clouds are.

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Well yes, but it’s still an experimental developer tool (if I’m not mistaken)

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Of course it is. Nothing has been officially posted about it. Its just something that might make its way to IF in the future.


I would certainly hope that’s the case :)


I removed a vote for this. Hope this gets implemented!!