Improved Ground ATC Experience

This just came to my head, it is quite a pain for ground atc to manage their aircraft when they don’t even have proper radar!

You are probably thinking “You are nuts! We have ground radar! We can track planes on the ground!” But, you see, all that it has is the runways, making it hard for ATC, since they have to look out and see the taxiways, and then say, cleared for pushback/ taxi. Also, you can’t see where the terminals are on the map meaning that you could say to a plane “cleared for taxi” when there is a building in front of them.

My idea is to add taxiways and terminals to the airports in map view, making it easier for ground ATC to navigate planes and not have to look through the windows all the time. Also we would add taxiway names such as Charlie 1, A7 etc… but atc would only say “turn on c3 then onto d4 on expert. But instead of selecting the taxiways in the atc menu, they would drag their finger across the screen as if they were giving vectors. (Thanks @Aussie_Wombat!) Also, Runway Incursion Lights. At night, let’s say a plane is taking off. A plane is also taxing across the runway, to prevent a collision, on the taxiway, bright red lights would signal the crossing aircraft to stop. That would prevent a “collision.”We will go from this:

To this:
(Not my photo)

What do you think about this?

Great idea - also, we’d need another ATC comm. for taxi via

Right onto Alpha 1
Left onto Bravo 5
Hold Short Bravo 5
Cross RWY 23L
Continue on Bravo 5
Holdshort RWY 24 Contact TWR

So maybe for Expert server?


Taxi instructions would be difficult as they vary for airports, voice is kinda needed for it as if you were at the west side of a large airport but departures were only from the east you’d have quite a few taxiways to taxi on, that would clog the screen. If it was added you’d need a text chat of sorts.

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Yeah… or (maybe) an easier way would be ATC selects an aircraft that needs taxi instructions… they draw the taxi route with there finger on the screen then that automatically appears on that aircarfts map - and they just follow the line…

Just a possibility


I like the map idea but with the "taxi via Delta 4, hold short e.g, if the airport was very busy, it would be quite hard to control.

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It would be dragging your finger along the screen like giving vectors 😉


Still could be confusing…
It would be like controlling Approach and tower at the same time…

I like your thinking though!

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Pretty cool idea and by incorporating actual taxiways it will make it more realistic

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If you tag frequency, and pilots aren’t racing to be first in line, I don’t think it would be that hard to manage.

To make it easier for the pilots, maybe the devs would also create an optional progressive taxi thing like they use in FSX (arrows on the taxiways to guide the respective pilot based on ATC ground instruction).


I’d love to have this, would make GRND frequency much simpler, since you’ll see when someone’s off the Taxiway.

The assigned taxi route sounds great in theory, but seems to practically not working. Even on Expert so many pilots don’t follow instructions. I’m always happy to get some of the people in air without trouble. Assigned taxi routes aren’t the best idea there.

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This would be a great idea for Expert Server!
I’ll give my vote :)

Well the photos switched from EDDL to EHAM but I get your idea 😂. I think it would be very useful to

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I like the idea of this, although some of it is going to be tougher to implement, a good start can be to get ground ATC a taxiway map.

Some ground ATC in training dont even know their airport layout and this initial one can help alot.

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Totally agree with this, it would improve the experience by adding more detailed airport diagrams. Maybe there could be a button for pilots they click and see the local airport diagrams in black and white.

It might improve ground service, but the ATC has to be alert. People cross the runway, takeoff and land without permission if act does not respond within 2-3 minutes.

I agree, there are not enough taxiways, on the radar, as if everyone drives by

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This is always a problem for me when becoming a ground controller, this would be a great idea!

I guess that would be a nice addition. But I think that should also implement, that you cant control T&G together on Bravo airspaces. It would take way too much time to vector People on ground and also handle Tower, if gets busy. Delays would be massive.
That would make ground controlling a lot more fun though :)

Not on expert. That would be a ghost

A vote from me. The terminal markings that will come with Global should improve ground management, but the full airport layout would be a huge advancement for ground ATC.