Improved (and much cheaper) Official T-Shirt

After many trials and errors with multiple vendors, we finally found a way to offer Official Infinite Flight T-Shirts with more size and color options at a reasonable price through Amazon Merch.
Amazon Merch is a great new service offering great quality prints for a reasonable cost and with all the good stuff that comes with Amazon (free shipping for prime members, free returns, etc…)

Our previous vendor (Zazzle) was convenient at the time but despite lowering our royalty share to a minimum (we are not in the shirt business after all…) the price was still too high for our fans.

The quality of the shirt is the exact same as the previous vendor (same American Apparel T-shirt). We did downscale the logo a bit so it doesn’t wrap on the sides as much as the previous shirt.

One more thing. As you have noticed with our last update, we are refreshing our UI to make it more functional as well as more modern. As part of that effort, we also have revamped our logo and will soon start rolling out our new logo design (more on that soon). This also means that we will have new shirts as well. We wanted to give you the full disclosure here so you can make the choice to wait for the new logo to get a shirt or show your unconditional love for IF and get them all (old school IF pilot brag).

Time to wrap this up; if you haven’t already, go get your swag and show your love for Infinite Flight!

Happy landings!




Already have the Zazzle t-shirt… I guess I need to upgrade to an Amazon one now. ;)


Who knows, these shirts could be worth BILLIONS in 50 years…BUY EM NOW FOLKS!


The shirt looks pretty cool. One would think said shirt would be free to those of us who have forked over roughly $60-$80 dollars for the app, planes, regions, Live membership, etc. I will contemplate purchasing a shirt when there are stars & clouds in the game. :)

*I would be willing to meet in the middle, and purchase a shirt…provided you silk screen stars and clouds on it. Lol


Just before I go buying another shirt, Philippe, have you guys tested this shirt to check for good quality, and so forth?


@philippe this shirt won’t ship internationally:/


It’s the same shirt as before, no?

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It’s all for a good cause, just do it ;)

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It’s not the same. :)

Read carefully bro ;)

Any chance of shipping to New Zealand being available? I haven’t used amazon before so I know next to nothing about using it… Dont mind paying for shipping, Going to an airshow at the end of the month and wouldn’t mind having an IF shirt to wear to it :p

Amazon is trustworthy. They’re extremely popular here in the U.S. and they ship on weekends. Maybe if you’re lucky a drone will fly over and deliver it to your doorstep ;)


Yeah, I guess. It’s still a little bit different though. (Decrease in logo size.) ;)

Unfortunately amazon doesn’t do things for free; we don’t really take a cut out of this so effectively they are free :)


I believe for now shipping is only to US but I am pretty sure they will soon improve their service and ship wherever amazon already works.


Not yet; the service is still new, they are ramping up slowly.


Thinking about buying one…

Update: Getting one for myself :)

Why would anyone think that…