Improved Airplane Icons

Reworked airplane icons would be a nice addition to Infinite Flight. Currently, there are only six different icons (see below for images). It would be fantastic if Flying Development Studio added new icons so it’s easier to distinguish which plane is which in the map mode.


Maybe, I think they look fine.

How much more specific could it get

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The 777 for example, has four engines in the map, but two on the actual plane.

That’s good enough for me. It’s just like the ones on FR24.

It can easily be switched to one of the twinjet sizes they have already

And the icon for a330 is smaller than for a320…

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There will probably be a new one for when the Dash 8 Q400 is released. It is a slow airliner, compared to the ones already in the sim. But it’s all up to the devs.


Can you tell me which flights are for which icon? Thanks!