Improved 787 texture!

The 787 looks stunt now😍
Thanks to Laura and Devs for making this real!


As she said, that looks really crisp.


Once again, the tracking thread is for anything regarding the development of the 787. Please post there next time :)


Very well! Expecting the best in this update.

If I get my iPad Air 2 before this update this would be amazing.

Looks like a real aircraft😂👍

That honestly looks so real. I love it I bet they are going to add super duper high quality setting to enable this. I hope the iPads can handle this

When is the update coming out

When it’s done.

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That is a 《Livery》tracking thread

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Oh… Can’t wait for the update

Look at the title

It doesn’t matter, it’s about the 787. Everything about the A320 and Dash 8 was in their tracking threads ;)


The taxi way looks awesome!

Looks more realistic than the real thing!

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how would that even happen?, LOL

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Oh my, that looks amazing