Improve the "final" position ATC command

It would be nice for final to be changed to “short final”, and “long final”. This would stop final to be considered as either “I’m really really close to the runway!” or “I just intercepted the localizer!”


Do pilots say “long final” in the real world? I know when they first intercept the localizer they state that they’re “on ILS for runway xx” and when they are about 3 miles to landing, they say “on short final runway xx” if they haven’t received clearance to land yet.

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eh, final means that you are lined up with the runway and are preparing to land shortly.

In RL airline pilots can land VFR or ILS depending on the airport, runway, and weather.


I think for Unicom the final should simply add the distance. This would be system generated. “xxx is at 4.6 miles on final 26L”. When there is ATC present that command is seldom used.


People don’t really know how to tell the distance.


As he said …


I’m talking about the planes on the ground.

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So you mean like
XXX- On 20 mile final
XXX- On 3 mile final

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ive heard some pilots say on the radio say Cessna1234A is on a long 3 mile final for runway 35

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I sometimes hear pilots say “American 587 heavy, long final for runway XX” and today I was listening to and heard my Southwest pilot say “Southwest 322, long final for runway 30L”

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My suggestion was for when the plane reports a final position, that the system append the miles out. Similar to how it states the miles for landing. The pilot does nothing different from what they do today. Then the planes on the ground who are holding short can see “Oh this plane is 8 miles out on final”.

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You announce that you’re inbound at 10, 5, 3, and 1NM. If the system generates the distance, it’ll take up less space than adding those 4 distances, but it just adds to the chatter. The whole point in entering at a 45 on the downwind or even entering on the upwind is so that you’re in the pattern and safety flying around the airport instead of coming straight in on final. Everyone should be following proper etiquette when entering uncontrolled airport patterns to avoid any problems. If everyone follows the simple procedures that are already in place, you’ll know where to look for the traffic every time.

It could be a simple implementation that is no extra work for the pilot.

At busy B airports, the pilot generally won’t report the distance, they’ll just announce inbound on ILS etc. this is due to sophistaced ATC - Tower already knows theyre inbound, which runway they’re inbound on, and that they’ve been cleared for the approach. This all gets passed from approach to tower once they’re handed off. IF doesn’t have this capability, and Final can subsequently be anything between 1-10 miles really. Sometimes they’ll announce they’re crossing an approach fix, for example the RNAV 27 approach into KSAN you often report at the REEBO fix which you cross at 2,000ft

GA, Visual approaches (even after cancelling IFR once in sight of the field), Unicom frequencies etc, tower at Cs etc, will report distance. You should always report your distance, ie ‘3 mile base’ or ‘short final / 4 mile final’ in these circumstances.

Every single day on IF I see some clown reporting final before they’ve even intercepted the localiser. These same clowns usually then report on final 3-4 times as they continue inbound. Adding the distance would greatly assist. At least I know to completely ignore them when I hear ‘16 mile final’

I think adding the distance (as automatically calculated by IF) would be a good idea


If you can’t tell how far something is by just saying 5 miles, then you have a problem lol

I think this would help the amount of “go around because someone just entered the rwy” diminish.

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Because a 3 mile final at 60-80 knots is a long final compared to 140+ knots

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Real pilots would say how many miles away they are on final and you can see this if you file a flight plan and set the tab bar at the bottom to “distance to destination”.

Hope this helped!

20 Mile Final??? Then hes shouldnt be on tower frequency XD

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Was an example. I’ve heard big jets do it as well

I just want something when you are flying an uncontrolled airport and someone is holding short, but you (the aircraft on final number 1) want to tell them they have plenty of room to take off.

I’m not sure how useful this would be. I always hold short and check the map to see if there’s any nearby traffic on final…you can’t rely on people calling final because many do not. Sure, it would be nice to have a distance call out but you’ll still need to look for any incoming traffic.