Improve skills with joysticks ?

Hi guys,

I just bought a joystick and I am finiding it pretty challenging, like on approach I am going to much to the right or to much to the left of the runway.
Can I have tips to improve my skills with the joystick ?

Best thing I can recommend is to adjust the sensitivity until you find you can fly somewhat comfortably. Using a joystick will take a bit of getting used to.

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Fly more with it so that you gain experience. Also make sure on landing and approach you make small adjustments.

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For starters, don’t make drastic movements. They don’t do it IRL and that may be why you’re having issues. I made the same mistake so you’re not alone in that one.

Secondly, put the sensitivity down to the absolute lowest. Once you’re comfortable flying with the joystick, you make the decision whether to up the sensitivity or not, but start low. Very low.

Thanks a lot for your help guys:)

Unfortunately the movements you make with the joystick are delayed to IF. So its rather hard to make small imputs as it takes time for IF to recognize these imputes. That’s why I use my joystick for other sims, not IF.

So unless you really want to try to be as realistic as possible, yeah go ahead with a joystick ;)
Will it improve your skills? Nope.

Actually I disagree. Although the phsyics aren’t great my instructor has noticed a difference in my flying IRL since I got my joystick and started flying the 172 around my local airport in IF with it.

Yeah, but how can a joystick improve your skills in IF? Unless the physics and response times are changed, I would use it all day, every day!

If you’d like, lets start a PM and add the OP if you want so we can discuss pros and cons ;)

If u make a PM, can u add me to it? I have some stuff to add on the subject

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