Improve runway lighting

Runway lighting is barely visible at night.

This is SFOs ILS approach to runway 28L. Visibility is great (35 KM) and the aircraft is on glideslope & localizer. Unfortunately the runway is barely visible as the lighting is extremely dim.

As you can see from the pics, the runway is almost not visible at all at around 1.5 DME from standard zoom. I have to zoom in all the way just to see it and even then, the lighting is extremely dim.

It would be greatly appreciated if runway lighting could be improved. I suggest making the lights brighter. The example above is from an IAP on a clear night (35 km visibility) : the runway should be lit up like a Christmas tree.


Agreed! Hard to see runway in night.


Remember to vote for your own request.


You know, they should also brighten up the aircraft lighting as well. I should be able to see my position lights from miles away. Yet you can only see them if you zoom into the wing.

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I really like the feature. Honestly, in general, all forms of lighting in IF need to be reworked. I’ve found it impossible to night fly without using a ridiculous amount of brightness on my device.


Yes! Better Runway lighting, one of the things I really want added is the ALS or Approach Lighting System, it would make a approach at night much easier.


Hi everyone, I appreciate your feedback. Please vote on this request if you feel this is an important update.

There are lots of feature requests out there so voting is the only way this one can get the serious attention it deserves. Thanks.

I thought they said they would improve the runway lights and the landing lights so that you can actually see where you are going! This is why I still hate flying at night.

Idk, I haven’t noticed any improvement on airport lighting following global release

Ik, that’s why I think you have mentioned something very imperative to the community!

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Thanks and I agree its imperative. As mentioned earlier please vote if you haven’t. There are millions of feature requests (im partially to blame lol) and votes is the only way this one gets the attention it needs.

I hope that the majority of the community provides input on this improvement request l.

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aggree👌🏼 also airplane lighting needs rework

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Friendly reminder, you can always remove a vote from something if you run out of votes :)

Not just only the runway…

Also the Aircrafts Nav light and landing light as well!!
I mean like adjust to the BRIGHTEST then we can see others aircraft exactly position and so on…



Why not send your votes over there, more chance of getting what you want though!

That being said, this for me is a wasted vote, its one of those things that the development team will implement …when they can.


Impressive. You actually created a dup of your own topic. I don’t think i’ve ever seen that before.